The same world, the same way you remember it!

User Rating: 8 | .hack//Mutation Part 2 PS2

-Continues the story of volume 1(.hack//INFECTION) and adds a lot to it.
-Great graphics and soundtrack
-Some new minor additions
-Lots of sidequests
-Ability to transfer saved data

-Battle system hasn't changed as still gets repetitve after a while...
-Dungeons start to get longer and more repetitve towards the end...
-Story portion is still short
-MUST lay volume 1 to understand this volume...


"Welcome back"
.hack//MUTATION continues right where INFECTION left if you haven't played volume 1 yet, suggest you do before playing this.


The story (like I said above) continues right after volume if you haven't played the first one, you'll be left confused...But if you have played the first volume, the this volume adds a lot to the story, making it even more interesting and deep...\


The gameplay hasn't changed much from the first volume...It's actually the same...But they did add some new features such as "Grunty Racing."


The soundtrack (like the first) is great, not many new tracks though, but still great...


Still good...barely changed from the new dungeons designs though, and they ARE still a bit repetitive...



Story: 9/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Music: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Final Words:

If you haven't played the first, then rent it (or buy it) before you play this...