Copy & Paste, is the theme of this game.

User Rating: 6.6 | .hack//Mutation Part 2 PS2
.hack//MUTATION (dot hack) is the sequel to .hack//INFECTION,the first game is about you trying to find out how your friend got into a coma from playing "the world" The first game leaves you with a simple question,Who is Cubia? and you get the answer. You follow Kite as he goes deeper into the mysteries of "The World" Kite is a slictly afraid of his "Data Drain" abilities as they are the same who put his friend into a comatosis, the character is pretty well put together,but it seems over acted.The other characters have different kind of moods as in every RPG,but it isn't anything that take up alot of their time, they rarely decide to discuss their feelings about things, and when they do, only for a short period of time. You have a Happy-go-merry character called Mistral, she's into cooking all kinds of weird stuff and so forth. A weird and original cast of characters, however they arn't very well developed,and you're really gonna be bothered by how little the characters have been developed. The gameplay is definetly "Copy & Paste" the same system as the previous game, you start with a good arsenal of skills, and it feels like your an all powerful god. If you've played the first game, the second game will have no suprises in terms of gameplay, if you haven't played this game before, the battle system will seem like an original idea,but it get's extremly tedious by the end of the game. The graphics have no suprises, they are the same as last game, you get new backgrounds for your computer (some of which are quite cool) however this might be the only plus, other then that it's just the same as the first game, "Cut & Paste" The soundtrack is "cut & paste" as well,there's a few new sounds for the soundtrack, in which the Cubia theme, and the phase themes are awesome, however after a while the tracks are recycled way to much. Not many original ideas, any many tracks are reused,only plus is as I mentioned: The cubia theme and Phases theme.The soundtrack will really bug you and this might be reason enough to not buy the game. .hack mutation lacks replay value, you can raise a pig-like creature called grunty, and you can race with them, and ride them. Other then that you can gather weapons, armors and accesories for your characters. There are a few new characters, some are pretty original creations, however it seems a bit over the top, as you have alot of members to take care of.But the quests are pretty straight forward, and there is little or no diffrence in the way you collect new characters. Personally I think this game was very unoriginal, it does continue the storyline, but you don't really want to play through the game, because of very repetitive gameplay. Though the story is original, it seems like your just beating the crap out of things, and not learning a s***. The four games, should rather have been batched up, rather then sold with apart for full-prize. Bandai led itself into a trap by splitting the game into 4 parts. THANKS TO (Those who adviced me about my review) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Mah_azmi suggested I emphezise more on story and the characters, so here I go, thanks for the advice ^_^ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note for my friends:They thought I was way to strict with the first .hack review, well Bandai is asking for it, blame them, not me. Note #2:If you think Im putting to much/to little emphasis on a ceratin part of this review,please PM me,or notify me through MSN( so that we may discuss further thanks.