User Rating: 6.3 | .hack//Infection Part 1 PS2
If there was a uniqueness score here, I'd definitely give this game some more props. The concept of game within a game is, like you can read in any game magazine, this games best selling point. However, I bought the game hoping to feel really immersed in the story which is the main draw in a single player versus a true MMORPG. However, the story, which initially is very good, falls off later on in the game into lots of leveling for seemingly no reasons. I'm actually a big fan of the action RPG genre, which is why this disappointed me so much. Your allies are stupid (what's new?) to be left on their own so I ended up having to take a backup role just shouting commands so they didn't kill themselves. Alternatively, I could have ignored them and fought alone with ghosts. The creators took the worst aspects of MMORPGs...the repetitive killing and skinned landscapes/monsters and put a unique, yet eventually tiresome plot. I will not be purchasing the next two games (this should have been one game), as I really could care less about the main character. There are better action RPGs, better story RPGs, and better MMORPGs.