This is going to be the grestest mmorpg, finally you dont have to play with the creepy npc's

User Rating: 7 | .hack//Fragment PS2
In my opinion, this looks like the best mmorpg yet!. I haven't played it yet because it has only been realest in japan but as soon as it comes over woot here comes the fun. The best thing about this game is that you don't have to play with some of the creepy npc's that where in the ".hack" (epitaph of the twilight ) series. The only bad thing i might see it people might start to recreated kite of couple of times and then we will be over run by kites lol. I gave this game a 7 just because i havent tyred it yet.....BUT I WANT TO SOOO BAD!. p.s. i am just doing the scoring at the bottom for people who have never played ".hack" this game is easy to pick up and learn so no fear about that plus in the other .hack games as long as you stayed 2 lvls hight then the game it would be easy.