It doesn't come out in the US!

User Rating: 6.5 | .hack//Fragment PS2
The game looks great, but that's because we .Hack fans in America [should] be obsessed with all .Hack games. Truth is, Japan didn't let it be released anywhere else because it was such an uber failure. I suggest just playing the current .Hack games for now, and suggest to Cyber Connect 2 that they should create an MMORPG on the internet. You know, like Conquer. A full screen .Hack MMO would be cool, even if the graphics sucked and the game itself lagged. It would be cool because you know it's a start towards something great. Right now they could do it, but they just won't. If they put enough money into it, it could possibly become like the real thing, just not with the headsets and other things. Now, if you want this game, then import it and learn Japanese if you want. Or just play it the best you can. I'm sure you could find a translated script somewhere on the internet.