Possibly the greatest star wars game.

The Good:
You never get bored of using the force.
The New Game+ feature is good for people who like to collect.
Great graphics
Good story, ties in seamlessly with the films.

The Bad:
Some parts are a little buggy
Bosses are way to easy, on any difficulty.
Lacking a multiplayer/coop mode.

The Ugly:
Perhaps a bit too short.

There is a lot to say about this game, and for once, gamespot review is almost correct.
Of course the game is focused around using the force to kill your enemies. While it's possible to finish the game without, where is the fun in that?!
The force powers add a new dimension to this game, allowing you to pick up pretty much everything in the game and tossing it about. Infusing your saber with lightning and even shooting it from your finger tips.
For the people who enjoy finishing the game completely, on this game it includes collecting all the jedi holocrons and unlocking costumes and unlocking lightsaber crystals and colours. Dont expect them to be easy to find however, the new game+ allows you to start a new game with all your unlocks and upgrades still intact, adding more fun.
As i just said, you can upgrade your character in 3 different ways. Unlocking combos, unlocking talents which increase damage, health etc. And unlock more powerfull powers. With leveling up being easy and getting 1 orb for each upgrade aspect, it is easy to get fully upgraded.
The boss fights are at the end of every level against made up bosses, with the exception of 4. They are all relatively easy but when they are nearly finished you do an impressive finishing mini game, very similar to the mercaneries 2 high jacking. You need to hit the right button at the right time to unleash an impressive flurry of attacks.
A main thing this game is missing in my opinion is a multiplayer mode. I really want to play this game online with a friend. But i can keep hoping i suppose!

Thats all for this review, this game is great, its fun and will keep you hooked for a long time!