Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection Cheats For PC

  1. Goodies!

    Unlock lots of stuff by doing the following.

    Code Effect
    Win the Aquatic Show Park scenario Show Grandstand 2
    Win the shark world scenario Photo Booth
    Win Best Orca Show award Orca statue
    Win the Excellence in Artcit Exhibit Construction award Iceberg
    Place the mermaid statue in one of your marine tanks Mermaid
    Win Zoo of the Year award Elephant Seal statue
    Win Best Sea Lion Show award California Seal Lion statue
    Win Best Dolphin Show award Bottlenose Dolphin statue
    Win the Super Zoo scenario Trio statue
    Put a Lion, a Bengal Tiger and a Grizzly Bear in one exhibit Yellow Brick Road
  2. Yellow Brick Road

    Place a Lion,Bengal tiger and a Grizzly bear in one exibit.Then check your paths and scroll down.

    Code Effect
    Place a lion,bengal tiger and grizzly in one exibit Yellow brick road
  3. Exhibit codes

    Name an exhibit one of the following to activate the cheat. It should also be noted that if you name a brand new exhibit using this cheat, it will crash the game. Everyone who's done it with a new exhibit has experienced this, so keep it in mind.

    Code Effect
    Super Croc Deinosuchuse will be in the Animal Adoption window
    Cretaceous Corral Triceratops will be in the Animal Adoption window
    Wonderland More people will come to see that exhibit
    Blue Fang Guests pay 2x original amount for attractions
    Xanadu Unicorn will be in the Animal Adoption window
    Copralite Corner All dinosaur poo will turn into rocks
    Microsoft Double Exhibit Donations
  4. Staff name Codes

    Rename a member of your staff one of the following to get the effect.

    Code Effect
    Rename a male zookeeper Jonathan Gilmour He becomes the Ultimate Zookeeper
    Name a male maintenance worker Bob V All broken fences repaired.
    Name a male maintenance worker George W All foliage removed and get a $300 tax rebate
    Name a female tour guide Rosalie All tour guide salaries are set to $0
  5. Guest Name Codes

    Code Effect
    Name a male guest rpro Make female guests upset
    Stinky Make guests sick.
    Name a male guest Boogyman Make children guests upset
    Eggman Dinosaur eggs hatch faster.
    DINOMAN Unlock all Dinos.
    Ron Propst Unlock dinosaur foliage research program.
    John Wheeler All animal shelters available.
    Akiyama All scenarios completed
    Dr Dolittle Animals breed faster/more often
    Alfred H Birds scare the heck out of guests
    Mr. Pink Change's everyone's shirt pink.
    Mr. Blue Change's everyone's shirt blue.
    Mr. Brown Change's everyone's shirt brown.
    Mr. Orange Change's everyone's shirt orange.
    Mr. White Change's everyone's shirt white.
    Mr. Blonde Change's everyone's shirt yellow.
    Bill Gates Guest donates a lot of money
    Adam Levesque Get all Animal Shelters
    Bill Clinton The demand for hamburgers goes up
    Russell Make fences deteriorate
    Zeta Psi Make some guests puke
    Hank Howie Research all staff research automatically
    Andrew Binder Unlock all animal houses and types
    Lou Catanzaro Unlock all animal toys
    Charlie Peterson Unlock all foliage
    Steve Serafino Unlock endangered animals
    Rich Uncle Pennybags You gain a small amount of money.
  6. Scientist Name Cheats

    Rename your scientists one of the following to get the desired effect.

    Code Effect
    Dr. Frankenstein Gives you a 10% chance that an egg will change contents when visited by that scientist
    Dr. Scholl Makes all scientists walk twice as fast
  7. $$ Money $$

    Hold down the keys shown below and you will get 10,000 dollars. If you continue to hold down the keys, your money will increase rapidly. Note that using this cheat will damage your fences.

    Code Effect
    Hold down 'Shift' and '$' at the same time. $ 10,000
  8. Animal Name Codes

    Name your animals the following to get the desired effect.

    Code Effect
    Name a bear Deer The bear will break out of its exhibit. It will destroy any fence that you surround it with. (Excluding electric fences)
    Name a reindeer Comet All dinosaurs will disappear from your zoo. (Any eggs will remain in your zoo)