A great old school shooter

User Rating: 7.5 | Zombie Shooter PC
I platyed alien shooter a few years ago and loved it, so when I got my new computer I went out of my way to get every "Shooter" game out there. (if you want them steam has them all for only 5$ each). And I have to admit zombie shooter is pretty D@mn good!

The story is..... Well there is no story, basiacly you are a guy and you're in a secret lab.... And you shoot zombies, that's about it. The game is veiwed from a top-downish perspective similar to "Smash T.V", The gameplay is your basic WASD moves, QE switches wepons, you aim with the mouse button, and click to shoot. There are two survival modes, one is your basic mode where your in an arena and you have to survive for as long as possible, and the other is where your in amounted turrent and you have to surive. Now the game is BLOODY. And I mean that, this is one off the bloodiest games I have ever played. Blood gets EVERYWHERE, on the walls all over the floor, it's just a mess, and after you complete most of the levels the entire floor will be coverd in the stuff. Now you can set the blood to green, but only sissys and whimps would do that. The graphics where good for 2007, but they look kinda outdated by today's standards.
Now the game is not perfect, it can get extreamly repetitve, i have gotten "Stuck" in objects and had no choice but to let the zombies kill me, and i've even had problems with the game crashing, also the game is very easy until you get to about level 7. Now the biggest problem with this game is that is EXTREAMLY short. The game will take you around two hours to beat, and after that there's little insentive to play it again. But you do have the survival modes.
But these problems aside, you should definitly give zombie shooter a try. (plus it's only 5$)