Zombie Farm Cheats For iPhone/iPod

  1. Achievements

    Code Effect
    Complete the farming tutorial. Ready for Farmin'
    Complete the invasion tutorial. Ready for Fightin'
    Collect the Blue Grave and Red Grave. A Grave New World
    Collect all Monoliths. Easter Island
    Fully upgrade your storage building. Storage Galore
    Unlock all ground upgrades in the market. Grounds Keeper
    Unlock all zombie mutations. Mutant Parade
    Collect Old McDonnell's rare banner. The Farmer's Banner
    Collect CorporateVille's rare banner. The Corporate Banner
    Collect The Pirate's rare banner. The Pirate's Banner
    Collect The Ninja's rare banner. The Ninja's Banner
    Collect each enemy's banner. Hall of Banners
    Harvest 1000 carrots. What's Up Doc
    Have your garden zombie fertilize 100 times. Green Thumb
    Unlock the Mausoleum. Rest In Peace
    All active zombies are Veterans. Veteran's Day
    All active zombies are Masters. Master's Degree
    Win an invasion 10 times. Zombie Invader
    Win an invasion 25 times. Zombie Ravager
    Win an invasion 50 times. Zombie Apocalypse
    Win an invasion after the timer expires. Do or Die
    Collect all zombie abilities Zombie's Got Talent
    Win an invasion in under 1 minute. Minute Man
    Win an invasion with 1 zombie left. A Close Fight
    Win an invasion with 2 or less zombie casualties Zombie Domination
    Win an invasion with no zombie casualties. com.zombiefarm.f...
    Get a Double Rainbow from enemy loot. So Vivid
    Lose 10 invasions. The Biggest Loser
    Win an invasion with all 6 zombie types present. The Rot Pack
    Have the same zombie partcipate in 10 invasions. Zombie Survivor

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

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