This or Persona 4 Golden?

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which one is better?
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which one is better?insainflow


annoyingly DDR put them on par. Couldn't pick, even though at the moment I prefer thirties last reward I think you get more with persona 4

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Both games are incredible and worth playing, you really should buy both!

Persona 4 is a turn based RPG combined with social/dating sim. VLR is essentially a visual novel with puzzles throughout. The puzzles are a nice change in pace in between walls of text, but they are fairly simple puzzles, the story is where VLR shines. P4 and VLR are both text heavy games and very character driven. Persona 4 has more gamplay elements, but VLR has a more engaging story throughout the whole game, where P4 often drags on without developing the plot.

Both games are amazing though, seriously.