Dungeons and Dragons Moral/Ethical Alignments for each character...

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For those familiar with and interested in the story for Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, I typed all the main characters based on the Dungeons and Dragons Ethical (Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic) and Moral (Good, Neutral, Evil) alignments.

This is for up until you complete the "Q" Escape Room to reach the long and final ending that drastically changes the implications to many of the character's actions and agendas. Before all the revelations about the AB project...

Sigma- ???

Phi- True Neutral

Dio- Neutral Evil

Tenmyouji- Chaotic Neutral

Quark- Neutral Good

Luna- Lawful Good

Clover- Chaotic Neutral

Alice- True Neutral

K- Chaotic Good

I'm only posting this for people to extrapolate, agree, disagree, or discuss.

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Agree with most, except I'm bumping Clover and Alice down one to...

Clover- Lawful Evil
Alice- Chaotic Neutral


Clover doesn't listen to reason, she forms opinions of others too harshly, she flirts and lies with Sigma to escape, she backs Luna into a room and threatens to kill her (and does, kind of), she threatens to kill everyone in the room over Alice's death, she DOES in fact kill nearly everyone in 999 over her brother, she conceals weapons (in both games), she lied about what she was hiding from Junpei in 999 (the axe), she betrays Junpei's trust by offering to partner with him after the killings and then proceeds to chop his arm off... The girl is seriously a mental nut case.

Alice's issue is purely for the one scene where she picked betray on Sigma having only 1 BP knowing full well he could die (and he does die, depending on your choice!) With the exception of Dio, this makes her the only other character that kills off Sigma via the AB game. What's worse, she doesn't initially seem apologetic over the decision either, and if she does kill you, she doesn't run over to your aid, but instead stands in the elevator looking like "Slender Man."