how can some people get so strong?

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hmm i start playing zenonia 4 like 2 or 3 days ago. i played pvp cz i need some items. n yea some r good items i got from pvp. sometimes i encountered really higher stats than me. well i'm still newbie. so here's my question: can they really so strong? i encounter alot blader with dark blue suit, have like 10k att n 4k def.(sometimes even higher) or pink ranger with some high stats too which is irritating. i played normal way n i have only 2k att. from 2k to 10k is sure far.(same lvl with opponent) 2. does armor set have anything to do with this? (well i already mention blader with dark blue suit or pink ranger with pink gun) i can't get any infos abt equipment or suit or else. so i hope there's someone with personal opinion would ans this question. thanks in advance :)