Zeno Clash Cheats For PC

  1. Secret Easter Egg

    In order to get the secret, literal Easter Egg go to chapter 4: Corwid of the Free. In the second scene, while you are in the cage, look at the tree behind and to the left of you if you were to face the large monster. The Easter Eggs are located under that tree.

    Contributed by: zero298 

  2. Steam Achievements

    Complete each condition to get the allotted achievements.

    Code Effect
    Kill 50% of the harmless animals in the game. Animal Cruelty
    Beat the game without using weapons unless it is absolutely necessary. Street Fighter
    Land 50 deflect kicks. Untouchable
    Complete Tower Challenge Number 5. Tower Champion 5
    Defeat a heavy enemy without getting hit. Heavy Brawler
    Complete Tower Challenge Number 4. Tower Champion 4
    Input the Malstrum's Mansion secret code. Monocrome Adventurer
    Complete Tower Challenge Number 3. Tower Champion 3
    Capture 30 fireballs with the torch. Flame Master
    Find the secret easter egg. Easter Egg
    Annoy the man behind the door. Door Hater
    Complete Tower Challenge Number 2. Tower Champion 2
    Bring the Hunter down to 1 healthpoint in melee combat. Almost Number One
    Throw an enemy into another. Body Launcher
    Complete Tower Challenge Number 1. Tower Champion 1
    Complete the game. Zenozoik Adventurer
    Shoot 21 Mucalosaurus Worshippers from the boat. Target Practice
    Ignite all pyres. Light the Path
    Learn all advanced combat techniques. Metamoq's pupil
    Complete tower challenge number -1. Tower Champion -1
    Complete tower challenge number -2. Tower Champion -2
    Complete tower challenge number -3. Tower Champion -3

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

  3. Malstrum Mansion Code

    At the main menu, enter the following sequence: Up-Down-Up-Up-Left-Right-Left-Down-Down

    Contributed by: chaos303030