hard but a great game!

User Rating: 8.5 | Zax: The Alien Hunter PC
This game is essentially a puzzle, adventure, shooter game and although it starts easy it does get insanely hard with some incredibly hard puzzles. Basically if you manage to get through the game without a walk-through on the first try you are a god amongst gamers (i worship you) all joking aside. This is truly an amazing game that is highly enjoyable if you can handle hard games, the puzzles are real brain teasers the combat is fun (but does get hard), the crafting system is great, having to manage your resources is fantastic, and also sports an expansive story.

in total it is a very complex and well detailed game for it's time, if you can get your hands on this game and run the period OS so you can play it, it is most definitely worth the work.

story: 8
combat: 7.5
puzzles: 9
crafting: 7
GFX: (considering period) 7
sound: 8
world design: 9 (aka level design)