Highly addictive....Major Fun.

Graphics: It is squareish but is it one of the first Rts's to go "3D". So it doesn't look to bad and way better then starcraft graphics.

Sound: It sounds awesome. The Voice acting doesn't suck. The music doesn't sound bad at all.

Gameplay: Multiplayer wise its majorly addictive. With random opponent matching so its a fair game. Easy to read ranking. Its nice and balanced between hero and army so you have to count on both. Instead of haveing one Mega unit or one HUGE army. Also Fight pretty much can happen with in the first few mins of the game with the creeping of neutral creatures or harrassing the opponent with your hero at the start, so there isn't a boring 15 min build up of armys then one fight.

Value: If you love Real time Stragtegy. This game is a must have.