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  • Rating:5.5

    zatch bell!!!

    nice, just could have picked better hidden characters. out of all the characters already played why such corny hidden characters. then if that wasn't enough they put two characters in the selection twice, why not just ... Read Full Review

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  • Rating:9.1

    i like all the bandai games and this game was pretty fun and every bandai game that comes out it turns out to be fun!!!!

    this game is the best game i have ever played for the gamecube when u fight other character using the character zatch he can do some the insane moves i have ever seen this game is sick,if you choose other charcters or ot... Read Full Review

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  • Rating:9.1

    Zatch Bell: Mamoto Battle review.

    I just bought my game two days ago, and I must say, Bandai did quite a good job on it. Pro:The gameplay was smooth, the graphics were also great, and the best part should be the fighting. The control was really well d... Read Full Review

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