Jak 3 is an amazing sequel to the last two in the series,and ends the it with a bang!

Jak 3 is simply the best 3rd person action adventure platformer available on the Playstation 2.The story follows Jak,Daxter,and Pecker as they are exiled to the wasteland around Haven City for crimes they did not commit.Left for dead,the gang end up being found by the wastelanders,and brought to their village,and from then on,the gang go on a quest that leads to a startling end that almost no one saw coming.The story mode is pretty long,wagering a hefty 20-30 hour experience if you try and collect every item.

The graphics for Jak 3 are most likely the best on the console.There is a huge world to explore,fully detailed and varied in color.Many of the character models are well rendered for the era,and are detailed well.Particle,and lighting effects are really good,especially on one of the weapons(Peace Keeper).There are few drawbacks to this section a.k.a the many glitches that can be found,and some character clipping,but nothing major.Jak 3 is in all,a piece of art.

The soundtrack and effects are great.Many of the guns sound crazy sci-fi,and pack a punch.The musical score is moody in the first part of the game when your in the wasteland,and is very energetic in the later half of the game.The game just sounds good.

Jak 3 plays just like the other two in the series a.k.a a lot of platforming and gun play,plus Dark Jak(A Darker Version Of Jak,With High Power Hand To Hand Combat).Though the newest game play addition to Jak 3,is the appearance of Light Jak,and the ability to carry 12 guns.Light Jak is basically the opposite of Dark Jak.Light Jak can heal himself,fly,and use a shield.Which is good when your in trouble,and need help.You can now also carry 12 guns,or 3 different versions of the original 4 guns from Jak 2.Which adds more variety.The control interface is easy to use,and is never cheap in anyway when platforming.The enemy A.I isn't to hard,so no worries about the difficulty.Jak 3 is a pretty easy game,but can be challenging,though,all in all,its a very fun game to play.

What sucks about Jak 3?Nothing really,there are only few set backs that stop this game from achieving more.Nothing majorly sucks about it.

Final Verdict:If your a fan of the original two game in the series,this is a must.If your just an average player,looking for something new to play in the platforming genre this is it!Final Words: GET THIS GAME