Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal Cheats For PC

  1. Item Codes:

    Once the console has been enabled:

    To spawn each item enter the following commands into the console, prefixed by "item".

    Code Effect
    0 Small Health
    1 Med Health
    2 Large Health
    3 Healing Leaf
    4 1 Fairy Coin
    5 Test Amulet
    6 Crystal
    7 Medicine
    8 Fairy Horn
    9 Amulet of Experience
    10 Cover Leaf
    11 Test Amulet
    12 Reserved Magic Card
    13 Golden Carrot
    14 Reserved Magic Card
    15 Acean Conch
    16 Pixie Bag
    17 Silver Sphere
    18 Golden Sphere
    19 Crystal Sphere
    20 Garlic Atomizer
    21 Catacomb Key
    22 Heavy Iron Key
    23 Key of the guardian of Pixies
    24 Rufus House Key
    25 Key to Dwarf Factory
    26 Quilin's Staff Of Rule
    27 Key to the Town Hall
    28 Rune of return
    29 Rune of the Fairy Garden
    30 Rune of Tiralin
    31 Rune of Dunmore
    32 Rune of Dwarf Tower
    33 Rune of the Cave World
    34 Rune of the Ice World
    35 Rune of the Realm of Clouds
    36 Rune of the Shadow Realm
    37 Rune of the Cottage Rune
    38 Forest Rune II
    39 Swamp Rune II
    40 Mountain Rune II
    41 Cave Rune II
    42 Sky Rune II
    43 Dark Rune II
    44 Fairy Corel of Air
    45 Fairy Corel of Earth
    46 Fairy Corel of Fire
    47 Fairy Corel of Nature
    48 Fairy Corel of PSI Magic
    49 Reserved Magic Card
    50 Reserved Magic Card
    51 Evolutionary Magic of Air
    52 Evolutionary Magic of Fire
    53 Evolutionary Magic of Nature
    54 Elemental Key of Fire
    55 Elemental Key of Air
    56 Elemental Key of Nature
    57 Elemental Key of Earth
    58 Book of Fairies
    59 Fairy Bag
    60 Mana Potion
    61 Moulding Magic
    62 Map of the Fairy Garden
    63 Map of the Enchanted Forest
    64 Map of the Mountain World
    65 Map of the Dark Swamp
    66 Map of the Shadow Realm
    67 Map of the Realm Of Clouds
    68 Reserved Magic Card
    69 Reserved Magic Card
    70 Tools of the Dwarfs
    71 Red Bone Key
    72 Green Bone Key
    73 Blue Bone Key

    Contributed by: d1me 

  2. More Cheats

    Add the text -console command to the MS-DOS or Windows Shortcut command to gain access to the developers' console. From, there, press F11 to enable it. Inside, enter any of the given terms to get the effect:

    Code Effect
    duel victory Fairy wins current battle
    item (0-73) Spawn item
    wizform (0-76) Get fairy
    spell (0-119) Get spell
    video Play FMV sequence
    help List commands

    Contributed by: Ultima Link 

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