You gotta love it, or you gotta hate it.

These days I tried Lineage II, and I expected more. Its a slow game, the controls are not very dynamic and the imense quantity of classes and necessity for buffs (beneficial spells) for levling up makes the game boring at a point.
Compared to World of Warcraft, Lineage II is far behind. There is not many equipment variety.
Not everything is bad here. In Lineage II, there are something called Olympiads, where you fight a player individually with self buffs and no help from others, and in the end of the season, if you are the player of your class with most points you become a hero, and you have acess to all sorts of stuffs.
The raids in the game are good.
There are Legendary Bosses or something like that, that are hard to beat, but will give you awsome rewards.
The grafics are really nice (much better than WoW's).
I liked some classes, like Gladiator, all dagger classes, in general, all fast paced classes.
The clan system is completely awsome, as well as the castle sieges, and the trade/shop system is good too.

In general, its not a bad game, but its not a very good game.
Some people love it, some people hate it, thats my point