These cards have no instructions

Unfortunately for the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise, developers have been cursed with the ability to create either a great story-based game with terrible game-based mechanics or a great game-based game with terrible plot. This is one of the good-plot ones.

Since the plot is good on this, and reminds me quite a bit of the show, I've decided to give it some lenience and give it a 4/10. If I were to base my score on the card game's mechanics, I would give it a 1/10.

Gameplay is extremely confusing. The game doesn't tell you what each card's effect is, so when your opponent attacks a defense position monster and you take damage, you're left wondering what happened. The tribute summoning feature is also entirely different from the actual card game, having you summon some monsters with three tributes, some with two, and some with none. There are lots of cards that aren't even featured in the show or manga, and since none of the effects are written on the cards, you will have no idea what they do. The only way to play this strategy game is through guessing, and you will lose many duels because of this.

If you actually want to play for story, this would be a pretty good game to rent. If you want to play Yu-Gi-Oh, this is the worst possible game you could buy. It has more in common with Madden than it does the card game.