Intense and historic action game!

Assassins creed is a game based on real history at the time of King Richards crusade. You play as a fictional character (Altair) who belonged to the Hashashin (Arabic name meaning "the Assassins"), a real organisation at the time of the crusaders. Your job is to, well, assassinate people!

The gameplay is good (although not great), however your tasks eventually become repetitive, even though the cutscenes are interesting to watch and the story is immersive. Your job is to wander the city (either on foot or by jumping from rooftop to rooftop which is extremely fast paced and convincing, just like the rest of this game) collecting pieces of information about your assassination target by interrogating, pickpocketing and doing tasks for certain people who in return will tell you what they know about your target be it location, appearance, job e.t.c. The combat is the best I have ever came across for a sword game, it is deep and extremely satisfying! Nothing compared to countering an enemies attack and then thrusting your swords through their stomach and savagely pulling the blade out while hearing them scream!

That aside, the graphics are a work of art, Altair looks amazing in white robes which reflect the sunlight and show off the beautiful lighting engline that this game uses, the animations are very finely done too, the cities also look amazing and the draw distances are beaten only by GTA4. However the character models for the civilians are poor in comparison to Altairs and could do with more work.

This game is a unique game, nothing quite like it is on the market. The closest thing I can think of is Prince of Persia which is not very similar to it as it is not based on real history, is purely fictional and has less free roaming to it. Assassins creed is like a cross between an intense action game and an open world RPG with an immersive story. However it is weakened by the repetitiveness and lack of multiplayer which totally brushes aside its value and replayability.

Overall, my advise would be to rent this game as it would be criminal to not experience this unique game which unfortunately does not really give one a reason to keep due to lack of replayability.