Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour Deck Recipes

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Before you trolls say anything, I am aware of how old this game is, but I still love it! If you want to check out more (better recipies) look for AresWarrior's thread regarding them. My personal faves are Water Washaway and Simochi Burn (the second one has yet to lose me a duel) but fyi, Somochi Burn is missing a card, so just throw in another Gravity Bind.
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This is one of my very first decks I thought of when I fell in love with the Spirit Reaper/Patrician of Darkness Combo. I'm not going to do a ratings system because I have no idea what to put. Deck Name: Deconstruction Monsters: 1x Aqua Madoor 1x Despair from the Dark 1x Double Coston 3x Patrician of Darkness 3x Pyramid Turtle 1x Sangan 1x Sinister Serpent 3x Spirit Reaper 1x Stone Statue of the Aztecs 2x Swarm of Locusts 2x Swarm of Scarabs 2x Vampire Lord 1x Wall of Illusion 2x White Magician Pikeru Spells: 3x Book of Life 2x Different Dimension Capsule 1x Gravekeeper's Servent 1x Lightning Vortex 2x Monster Reincarnation 1x Mystical Space Typhoon 1x Pot of Greed 1x Premature Burial 2x Recycle Traps: 2x Curse of Royal 2x Magic Jammer 1x Mirror Force 3x Robbin' Goblin This deck revolves around Spirit Reaper and Patrician of Darkness. Use Pyramid Turtle to summon them to the field or Sangan to at least get Spirit Reaper if you don't already. If you get both of them on the field, you can use Patrician's ability to select Spirit Reaper as a target in defense, as it cannot be destoryed in battle. With that said, you can now protect other monster cards. Swarm of Locusts will get rid of traps and spells your opponent uses. Swarm of Scarabs will kill high attack monsters. Robbin' Goblin cards can be interchanged with Robbin' Zombie in the deck building process, which ever you prefer, and are used to destroy thier hand/deck when you force them to take damage with Partrician. Curse of Royal protects your spell and trap cards, and Magic Jammer takes care of spell cards that hurt you. Mirror Force is a backup when all else fails or you simply need to get rid of a particular monster. Recycle lets you keep putting nonmonster cards back into your deck, provided you have a source of lifepoint generation (White Magician Pikeru). The other monster cards are for defense and just plain stalling. I can't tell you what to use to get what cards with Sangan or Different Dimension, just play it by year. Sometimes I just use Different Dimension to look at my deck's current order of cards. :)
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This deck is extremely similar to my Deconstruction deck, but with a few modifications. And honestly, I think its better. (BTW) Something I forgot to mention in the last deck! Despair from the Dark is great when your opponent plays Delinquent Duo and you happen to have it in your hand, so either they send it to the graveyard or you do, either way he will be summoned to the field! Deck Name: Darkness Reigns Monsters: 1x Summoned Skull 1x Vorse Raider 1x Despair from the Dark 2x Double Coston 1x Guardian Sphinx 2x Helpomer 1x Jinzo 2x Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer 1x Marie the Fallen One 2x Partician of Darkness 3x Pyramid Turtle 1x Sangan 1x Shadow Ghoul 1x Sinister Serpent 3x Spirit Reaper 2x Swarm of Locusts 2x Swarm of Scarabs 2x Vampire Lord 1x Witch of the Black Forest Spells: 3x Book of Life 1x Graceful Charity 2x Monster Reincarnation 3x Mystic Plasma Zone 1x Mystical Space Typhoon 1x Pot of Greed 1x Premature Burial Traps: 1x Call of the Haunted 1x Curse of Royal 1x Dust Tornado 2x Jar of Greed 2x Magic Jammer 1x Mirror Force 2x Robbin Goblin 1x Robbin Zombie 2x Wall of Revealing Light Again this deck revolves around the Spirit Reaper/Patrician combo, protecting other monsters like Swarm of Locusts and Swarm of Scarabs or forcing the attack on Sangan or Helpomer. Helpomers effect is when it is in your graveyard from battle, it removes one card from their hand after their battle phase, and if there is an opportunity to attack, the computer player will attack. I threw in a few other monsters that have dark attributes, getting a bonus from Mystic Plasma Zone, making them pretty decent defense/attack. Like Deconstruction, this one aims at getting rid of every card on your opponents field and in their hand (or deck too). Sinister Serpent is a tribute card to summon larger monsters like Helpomer (when you can protect it) and Marie the Fallen One is solely a discard card. Locusts for spells/traps and scarabs for monsters yada yada yada. This is not an attack deck, but more for a strategy of stalling while you wipe out their defenses, and only attacking when you are sure that nothing is going to hurt you (Mirror Force, Magic Arm Shield, Magic Cylinder, etc). The only downside is when your opponent uses Light of Intervention, which I would say have mystical space typhoon reserved for if you know they have it. Magic Jammer stops Lightning Vortex and Rageki (UGH hate that card!!! Who would trade a god-card for that???) or whatever you see fit to stop. Book of Life brings back your zombies to the field and blah blah. I could go on but I think the cards speak for themselves.
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Hey has anyone noticed that when you use Snatch Steal on a flipping monster like Guardian Sphinx, you can flip them face down, destroying the spell card, but keeping them anyway? Or how someone can use Call of the Haunted (trap card) to bring back Jinzo (anti-trap card)? WTF