Virtua Tennis 3 is an enjoyable game with more than enough to do.

Virtua Tennis 3 is enjoyable--no doubt. The Gameplay is impressive and works very well, and you will find that there is plenty to do, such as the typical single-player world tour mode, online multiplayer, a bunch of fun minigames, and more. Unfortunately, the game falls just a bit short in visuals and sound. Graphics generally look buggy, and player models are unimpressive, while sound is just sometimes rather bland. Well, at least they are both decent. Overall, VT3 is a highly addicting game, and I recommend it to everyone, even non-tennis fans. Gameplay: 8 Great. Controls work well, and game runs smoothly. Graphics: 7 Looks pretty good, but is also buggy at times, and player models look mediocre. Sound: A bit bland--repetitive music, and no voice acting, but, I guess its decent. Value: 8 This game will keep you entertained for quite a while because of all the many things it has to offer. Worth buying. Reviewer's Tilt: 9 Many different modes and things to do. Wow. Virtua Tennis 3 is definitely a game to get.