Now this is entertainment.

This was one of my first hack-slash game's i played on the PS2, and i was quite amazed by it.
You soon notice the DW3 play's rather simple, but the enjoyment factor is well up there.
I waded into my first battle, omg ?? how many soldier's???
At this point, i was well impressed with how many character's were on screen at the sametime.
So i had 60-70 soldier's coming for me and my bodyguard's, i thought i was goner die for sure, but sure enough , i piled into the middle of them, body's flying up in the air , soldier's dropping left/right and centre , and then just silence, a landscape littered with corpse's, this was a defying point , when i knew i was goner love DW3.
Another plus point, is the amount of character's to choose from, and lot's more to unlock as you play through the game , as various character's.
One of my favourite part's from DW3 , is riding mount's and running past enemy's hitting them, while being on a mount.
Also elephant's are new to this edition of DW3, as a mount.
If this isn't enough for you, then get a mate to join in on the battlefield, as once again , i was well impressed how the PS2 handled two character's and there multiple enemy's on the same screen.
I have to admit, DW3 is a simple but yet most enjoyable hack-slash game you can find.
Obviously at this time aswell, will be a good bargain to pickup on the cheap.
I highly reccomend it , to anyone who love's going on killing spree's.