Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum Cheats For PS2

  1. Duplicate Monsters

    In order to duplicate monsters, you need two unique save files. They either have to be named differently or have different Symbol attributes. Also make sure that the monster you want to duplicate is in your capsule stock.

    For example, let's say you have a save file named "Player 1" and you want to duplicate a Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Put the Blue-Eyes White Dragon in your capsule stock. Then start a brand new campaign game and name it something different like "Player 2."

    Now go into Versus mode and pit Player 1 against Player 2, each using their own respective save file. In the duel options under "Ante Monster" have Player 1 bet the Blue-Eyes White Dragon that was in its capsule stock. Proceed with the duel and have Player 2 beat Player 1 either the old-fashioned way, or have Player 1 surrender.

    After the duel is over, have Player 2 save its game file, in order to register the newly acquired Blue-Eyes White Dragon, but do not save Player 1's save game file. Now exit to the Title Screen. Player 2 will now have a duplicate of Player 1's Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

    If you want to transfer the Blue-Eyes White Dragon from Player 2 to Player 1, just repeat the steps and reverse the procedure from Player 1 to Player 2. You can duplicate as many monsters as you want this way, and it makes it easy to obtain fusions that require 3 monsters, such as Harpie Lady Sisters or the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

    Contributed by: Lord RPG 

  2. Fusions

    Code Effect
    3 Blue eyes white dragons at level 2 Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
    R. & L. arms, R & L legs and exodia the forbidden one all at lv. 2 Summoned Lord Exodia
    Sanga, Suijin, and Kazejin at lv.3 Gate Guardian
    Zoa lv. 2 & steel scorpion lv. 3 Metal Zoa
    Battle Ox & Mystic Horseman at level 3 Rabid Horseman
    Destroyer Golem & The Statue of Easter Island at lv. 5 Millennium Golem
    Ocubeam & Mega Thundeball at lv. 5 Kaminari Attack
    Blast Juggler lv. 5 & Two-Headed King Rex Lv.4 Cyber Saurus
    2 Thunder dragons at lv. 4 Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon
    Time Wizard lv. 3 & Baby Dragon lv. 5 Thousand Dragon
    3 Harpie Ladies Lv. 3 Harpie Lady Sisters
    Lesser Dragon lv.3 & Steel Ogre Grotto #1 lv.3 Metal Dragon
    Penguin Soldier & Penguin Knight lv. 2 Flying Penguin
    Firegrass & Petit Dragon lv. 5 Darkfire Dragon
    Flame Manipulator & Masaki the Legendary Swordsman at lv. 4 Flame Swordsman
    Hercules Beetle & Kuwagata ALpha lv. 3 Kwagar Hercules
    Fuse Gaia the Fierce Knight and Curse of Dragon lv. 3 Gaia the Dragon Champion

    Contributed by: darkcaos 

  3. Monster Evolutions

    Code Effect
    Place a Level 4 LaMoon in a square with 50 light Dark Witch
    Level Petit Angel up to Level 5 Shining FriendShip
    Level Ryu-Kishin up to Level 5 Ryu-Kishin Powered
    Place a Level 4 Red-Eyes Black Dragon in a square with 60 Dark Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon
    Place a Level 4 Dark Magician in a Square with 40 Dark Magician of Black Caos
    Level Flame Manipulator to Level 3 Fireyarou
    Level Ryu-Ran to Level 2 Manga Ryu-Ran
    Place a Level 6 Psychic kappa in a Square that has 50 Water Hysoube
    Place a Level 6 Root Water in a Square that has 50 Water High Tide Gyojin
    Place a Level 3 Penguin Soldier in a Square that has 40 Water Penguin Knight
    Place a Level 5 Haniwa in a Square that has 40 Earth Rock Spirit
    Level Larvas up to Level 4 Mon-Larvas
    Place a Level 3 Petit Moth in a Square that has 30 Wood Larvae Moth
    Place a Level 3 Larvae Moth in a Square that has 30 Wood Great Moth
    Place a Level 4 Great Moth in a Square that has 40 Wood Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth
    Level Kumootoku to Level 4 Hunter Spider
    Level Electric Lizard to Level 6 Tripwire Beast

    Contributed by: DarkNecrofear 

  4. Misc. Unlockables

    This can only be unlock by doing certain tasks in the game. They can all be bought at Grandpas' Shop in Entrance Hall.

    Code Effect
    You must surrender 20+ times in Area 3 and 4 Celtic Guardian
    Have 50+ water monsters Sinister Serpent
    After 10+ hours of play and in Area 2 Firewing Pegasus
    You must have less than 10 wind monsters after Area 1 Crow Goblin
    Have the Left Arm, Right Arm, Left Leg and Right Leg of the Forbidden One in your Capsule Deck when you visit the shop Exodia the Forbidden One

    Contributed by: mharbenedict34 

  5. Rare Cards

    Win the game to get these cards at random.

    Note: You only get 3 cards below each time you beat the game so you may need to beat it multiple times to get
    all the cards in the game.

    Code Effect
    Beat the game once (random). Giltia the Dark Knight
    Beat the game once (random). Red Eyes Black Dragon
    Beat the game once (random). Rigras Leever
    Beat the game once (random). Fortress Whale
    Beat the game once (random). Super War Lion
    Beat the game once (random). Javelin Beetle
    Beat the game once (random). Dungeon Worm
    Beat the game once (random). Sanga of Thunder

    Contributed by: mharbenedict34 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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