Ys: The Oath in Felghana (2005) Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Began the game on Very Easy. More Like "Adol the Yellow"!
    Enabled "No-Fall" mode. Bad At Platformers
    Died over 10 times on a single boss. Consult an FAQ Already
    Spoke with every character in the game at least once. Social Butterfly
    Encountered every enemy in the game, excluding bosses. Beast Master
    Beat the game on Very Easy. Hollow Victory
    Beat the game on Easy. Mildly Manly
    Beat the game on Normal. Gods Beater
    Beat the game on Hard. Hardcore Hero
    Beat the game on Nightmare. Genos Who?
    Beat the game on Inferno. Bearer of the Biggest Sword
    Conquered Boss Rush on Normal. More Like "Subordinate Crawl"!
    Conquered Boss Rush on Hard. Harder Than Hardcore
    Conquered Boss Rush on Nightmare. Adol the All-Crusher
    Escorted Elena to safety on every difficulty level. Forever Alone
    Escorted Christof to safety on every difficulty level. That's the Last Time, Kid
    Defeated 5 or more enemies (except Mozgouz) at the same time. Showoff
    Acquired every jewel. Bedazzled
    Achieved max level. You Can Stop Now
    Defeated the final boss without taking any damage. Like a Boss
    Beat the game in under 5 hours. Never Smelled the Roses
    Spent over 20 hours in a single playthrough. Wanderer From Ys
    Maxed out all equipment. A Talent For Forgery
    Completed Anya's treasure-hunt game. Proficient Plunderer
    Saved all of Hugo's pikkards. Savior of Swine
    Sold Randolph's ring to Cynthia. Oblivious or Insensitive?
    "Killed" 50 immortal beasts before acquiring the Silver Chimes. Master of Futility
    Killed 2,000 Mozgouz across all playthroughs. The Exterminator
    Killed 500 Selnades across all playthroughs. 28 Maids Later
    Bested the master of the mountains in one-on-one combat. Hardt Laid Bare
    Defeated "The Deadliest Cuteness." Tastes Like Chicken
    "Measured" Elena. Legacy Pervert
    Completed all other achievements. Overachiever

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

  2. Additional Costumes for Elena

    Beating the game in each difficulty will unlock an additional costume selectable in the Config (Right click on Elena)

    Contributed by: Hayatok01 

  3. Hard Mode

    Beat the game on normal, to unlock hard mode. The enemies will give 2x as much damage, and the bosses will use new attacks.

    Contributed by: Grawl 

  4. Time Trail

    Beat the game, and the time trail mode will be unlocked. This allows you to only battle against the bosses.

    Contributed by: Grawl 

  5. Nightmare mode

    Successfuly complete the game on hard mode will unlock Nightmare mode.

    Contributed by: bullz74 

  6. Unlocking Debug mode normally

    After beating Galbaran in Nightmare boss rush...you will be fighting against Berhard...win against Berhard will unlock the Debug mode.

    Contributed by: Hayatok01 

  7. Inferno Mode

    To unlock the hardest mode, you must beat the game on nightmare.

    Note you need the latest patch for this to work.

    Contributed by: Grawl 

  8. Cheat mode

    This procedure involves editing a game file create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "ysf_win.ini" file in the "/documents and settings/<username>/application data/falcom/ysf_win/" directory. Locate the "[game]" heading and change the following lines to GameClearFlag=3 GameClearFlagNightMare=1 Start a new game or load a saved game. Time attack mode will now be available. Now you can play time-attack mode even without clearing game at least once. Press one of the following keys to activate the corresponding cheat function. Alternately, defeat Galbaran in Nightmare mode, then defeat Berhard to unlock cheat mode.

    Code Effect
    F2 level gain
    F3 Gain 1,000 gold
    F4 Gain 1,000 Ravaal steel
    F5 Maximum HP

    Contributed by: lee_terry_jr 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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