Nailed the open ended RPG on the head.

I have played tons of RPG games, mostly of the fantasy genre. This game is the undisputed granddaddy champion. This game has laid the foundation for what an RPG should be. At the time, the graphics and sound were pretty good. Considering the amount of content, they should be considered excellent. This game outdoes itself and any game before it with content. The main quest/plot is pretty darn good and pretty dang long. The side quests are what make this game awesome. You can do so many different things through out the game it is hard to imagine finishing this under 100 hours. I also loved the diversity of the character classes. They miced and matched skills very well. If you aren't satisfied with what Bethesda gave you, that's right. make your own. While this game is old, it is still something that was never done before and rarely attempted after. If your system can run it, pick this one up.