You're in the Movies Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

    Code Effect
    Complete an audition and begin making a movie First Audition (5)
    Complete 1 game session Make a Movie (10)
    Complete 3 game sessions Make a Trilogy (20)
    Complete 5 game sessions Make a Series (25)
    Make a movie with only 1 player Going Solo (10)
    Complete all movies in the Horror genre Horror Hero (30)
    Complete all movies in the Sci-Fi genre Sci-Fi Star (30)
    Complete all movies in the Action genre Action Ace (30)
    Complete all movies in the Disaster genre Disaster Don (30)
    Complete all movies in the Classic genre Classic Cat (30)
    Make a movie in each of the 5 genres Cater for Most (30)
    Complete all 30 original movies Obsessed (70)
    Complete all 30 original movies in 4 player mode Totally Obsessed (100)
    Create a script using director mode Budding Director (10)
    Make a movie with 4 players Epic (15)
    Complete all fairground games Carny (20)
    Complete all studio games Key Grip (20)
    Complete all desert island games Beach Bum (20)
    Complete all dojo games Zen Master (20)
    Complete all countryside games Country Kid (20)
    Complete all city games City Slicker (20)
    Complete all 2 player games in 2 player mode Team Player (35)
    Play Flight of Fancy and ride in the plane First Class (10)
    Don't get caught in both Monkey Run and Tornado Run Run For Your Life (15)
    Score maximum points in Film Buff and The Reel Thing Movie Editor (20)
    Knock the wall down in Swing King and dig to the bottom of the screen in Demolition Day Demolition Dynamo (20)
    Score maximum points in Backstage Bother and Dynamo! Generator (20)
    Score maximum points in Sound Off and Ding Dong Sound Engineer (20)
    Don't get hit in both Knock Knock and Rodeo Rampage Slippery Eel (15)
    Score maximum points in Cup and the Pea and Costume Crisis Puzzle Master (20)
    Score maximum points in Shut the Valve and Treasure Trove Frantic Fun (20)
    Score maximum points in Stone Master and Free Your Mind Spiritual Bliss (20)
    Score maximum points in Log Toss, Bungee Run, and Hula Hula Athlete (20)
    Score maximum points in Marathon Man, Stuntman and Piranha Panic Triathlon (20)
    Beat all the bad guys in Runaway Train and Hitman Bruiser (20)
    Knock the bell off in Strongman Strength Challenge (20)
    Hit the maximum punch 3 times in a row in Punch Out Punch Bag (20)
    Get 3 balls in a row on Skuseball Skuse Me (20)
    Destroy 20 ships in Rocket Launcher Rocketeer (20)
    Complete Play Fight and Fistful of Fun without getting hit Float Like a Butterfly (20)
    Hit all the pads in Contender Sting Like a Bee (20)
    Score maximum points in Dragon Boat and Funky Monkey Beat Master (20)
    Score maximum points in Let's Dance and Freestyle Fever Funky Mover (20)

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

  2. Unlock all trailers / director's mode

    Enter these commands simultaneously at the options screen to unlock all features within the game!

    Code Effect
    LB, RB, LB, RB, Y Unlocks Everything!

    Contributed by: chiefwally