FF:T is a great game but can get frustrating...fairly quick

Let me start off by saying that Final Fantasy Tactics is a great game... But no game is perfect and in alot of ways this game can be far from perfect for alot of players.
In this game you fight using a grid system. If you never played a grid attacking system game this isn't that hard to pick up on. You just point where u want your unit to go and they go there. Its a cool thing but the battles get off pretty slow.
The beging of the story is pretty complicated mainly because they start you in the middle of the game and go back and forwards in time. The characters are good you won't forget the main ones but theres some characters where they have a 2 min cut scene and never build on them until they become a key player in the story and you can't help but wonder "who is this and what part does he play"? The game its self can take 10-20 hours but if you want special jobs maybe 15-25 hours.
All though Final Fantasy Tactics is a great game it doesn't come without its faults. The difficulty starts out fairly easy and then drastically shoots up half way through the 2nd chapter. The turn system can be in favor of the computers. One example is when you go up against a strong enemy they might let them all go and kill the person you have to protect before you even get a chance to move. The difficulty is high enough to make you want to throw the controller and tear out your hair.
But if you like a challenge and like the grid attack system then Final Fantasy Tactics is the game for you.