I know Jack, and he can become very annoying very quickly.

User Rating: 6 | You Don't Know Jack DS

YDKJ starts off with some humorous questions and responses, making you wrack your brain for the slightest bit of a hint among the disjointed answers. They're rarely ever direct answers to the roundabout questions which can be funny at first, then it becomes annoying to hear Cookie Masterson poking fun at something when it takes about 20 seconds to get to the next question. Things such "Cookie's Fortune Cookie" or "Who's the Dummy" have long intros that wear out their welcome around episode 10 and you might find yourself wishing the game would just shut up and move along.

Its really not meant to be played back-to-back in one sitting. If you have several friends for the console version then it could be a good time, playing with them on the DS however is not recommended. You may find yourself learning something off-the-wall about an obscure topic but its nothing to actually learn from. With its small bag of tricks and huge repetitive nature, its fine to play every once a while since each episode takes about 10-15 minutes. Its a game to play while sitting on the toilet, and that joke isn't above the humor found in this game.