One of the best 3rd person tactical shooters out there

GRAW2 puts you one day after the events of GRAW, and throws you into combat right from the start(if you choose to skip the tutorial). The MULE is one of the new things added to the sequel. Its a little six wheeled tank thing that you can change your weapons, refill your ammo and heal you. Another addition is the MEDIC class. The only advantage to having one is he can heal you, and packs three extra medikits, but if I have a MULE tagging along with me, id much rather have a SHARPSHOOTER or an extra RIFLEMAN. The updated Cross-com is another huge upgrade, instead of a little screen on the top left corner, you have the entire screen. Another huge installment in GRAW2 is the actual combat. In this one, you have huge fire fights and "unexpected" events,(like your EVAC chopper going down right before it picks you up). And the dramatic music makes a big difference in the whole mood of the game, you feel entirely different about a gunfight depending on the music. Multiplayer is great,(as to be expected) the first G.R.A.W's multiplayer was awesome, so just imagine a spruced up version of that.

--=G.R.A.W. 2 is a MUST BUY or at least RENT. If your a fan of Tactical Shooters, this is a must.