A terribly boring concept, dumb enemies, repetitive gameplay/levels...and constant bugs are the icing on the awful cake

User Rating: 4.3 | You Are Empty PC
I'll keep this short and sweet.

The game is predictable, uninspired and incredibly dull. Loading the game/Introductions
The game menu loads up...it's visually attractive and quick...nice. The first cinematic introduces you to communist Russia with some fantastic comic/newspaper style visuals. I was impressed with the intro and questioned the overall aim of the game...perhaps it wasn't going to be the mindless zombie-kill i thought it may be...

I was wrong...so wrong.

After playing the game for 3 hours or so....there is no apparent story other than i am playing as a soldier/officer who was hit by a car and awakes in a mental hospital...where all the patients are now zombies/infected. You can take a stab at the rest of the storyline....as it's pretty terrible. How you got to the hospital...and why...is apparently not important. Your first storyline task is obvisouly to escape the hospital and get away...simple enough...and yes...it really is simple...You finally escape with a car and begin driving..somewhere. The camera provides an interesting view behind the dashboard and you think to yourself...cool...where will i be driving to...out of the city...perhaps to the country...another city?....home??!! I'm afraid they are al wrong...before you have time to even contemplate where you are driving to...BANG! He drives straight into a farm/factory, completely squared-off...parks...then gets out with his guns...This really gives you an insight into the number of braincells this guy has...(and it was going so well when you were in control)
The enemies are repetitive, identical and incredibly dull. The AI is so bad that the enemies simply run towards you, you matter what obstacle is in their way. Enemies run in circles a numerous occasions. The zombie nurses look rediculous, and are highly amusing...perhaps for 3 occasions. The appearance of 7 foot mutant chickens really tops it off....simply dire.

Levels are linear and repetitive. Lighting/shadows etc add little to the environment. The game could have been much more immersive if the lights had been dimmed significantly. The horror-esque nature of the game is marred by poor textures such as the bright white 36DD nurses.