Boring boring boring boring!

User Rating: 3.8 | You Are Empty PC
At first I got attracted to this game by its depressive dark russian's atmosphere, a nice ambient for a FPS with some promising plot. Then a polished menu welcomed me, and my hopes were growing. I wanted some of the feeling that STALKER had, something dark, mysterious and decadent. The first cinematic was amazing... like a stylized comic giving some of the industrial and sad ambient, and very bizarre... like showing you a world without rules. But then, the cinematic is over, the load screen appears and seems that you are in an hospital crowed with people that went insane. How you ended there? what happened to the mad people? Why that zombie nurse is like the iron maiden's eddie and trows kicks as a primary attack? You don't know. There you are with a wrench and you know that you gotta kill everything because it's an FPS. So ok, you kill you kill you kill, you try to find if is there some meaning and everything, but the name of the game is self-explanatory. Is empty. There's no sense at all. Bang bang, headshot them, is the only nice thing, to see them stopped by the bullet's force. Then, a fireman appears, insane of course, then a guy from a mine, then a guy from a rave party with a pistol... what the heck?? Is like a mad resident evil with no Umbrella whatsoever [to explain it all]. Then you find some keys, you get into a car and you leave this... I don't know... is a city or is a sanatorium?? There seems to be no scale in the maps. But then you turn around, you see all the buildings and you feel so like in Russia. It has that feel. But... you try to understand, how the hell the atmosphere is so nice, yet the game is so ridiculous! So you leave, another loading screen and you say to yourself "ok, maybe that was a kind of a weird intro". But no, in the next level you drive to some buildings in a farm and you stop and it's as senseless as before. Why did you take that road to get there? And why you stopped? No idea... your character doesn't question ANYTHING just goes shooting everything... then some giant chickens with steroids shows up and you kill them by two long distance headshots... everything seems so easy, and there's a lot of healing... yet is so boring, not a challenge at all, plain, bizarre, senseless, with a nice world setup. Boring... SO DARN BORING!! So, I don't know... truly, it would be nice if the developers could have hired some writers to give a story to the game. But at least they did it right with the title. When you click in to "exit to windows" button you feel like that... Empty. [And bored, fo course]