Surprisingly good, even though I couldn`t understand almost anything.

User Rating: 9.2 | Ryuu ga Gotoku PS2
My friend has a modded PS2 and imported the game, it is good, but isn`t GTA but comes awkwardly close.

GRAPHICS- Un-freaking-believable, even better than GTA`s with crisp graphics that you will spend time just running around.

SOUND- Since I speak english, I couldn`t understand a lot, but the gunshots and car sounds are pretty decent and try to rape GTA`s but falls a bit short.

VALUE- My friend used a japanese dictionary to play the game so did I so to me the game`s value was equal to 50-70 hours of gameplay, pretty standard for a GTA style game except True Crime.

GAMEPLAY- It almost was Japan`s answer to GTA, but was nowhere near better than GTA, but better than any other GTA clone out there.

This game is recommendable for a Sega game, so sure.