Series advice Please

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I want to get into this series and I'm either going to start with 3 or 4 but I'm unsure (Dead Souls looks fantastic to me because I'm not really into brawling, but can live with it, but I love the culture + zombies). I just don't want to get burnt out on doing the same things by starting from 3 then playing 4 after, but I'm most concerned that the story in 4 and Dead Souls won't make sense? Will the story theater in 4 suffice or is it absolutely necessary to play 3 to enjoy the story in 4 and onwards?

I've googled this and found the differences between the games out, such as some missing content and a second area in 3 vs the rooftops etc. in the 4th. I can see myself never touching 3 again if I have 4 and Dead Souls, so if I really don't have to buy it I'd rather not. If anyone can help me out here with some advice it'd be great. Thanks.