So I just saved over my clear data... I am so angry!

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So I just beat Yakuza 3 and started up the adventure mode through my clear data. When I saved after completing a few of the hitman missions I decided to save of the clear data it self. I assumed it would save it as clear data because the only way to play in that mode is to start from clear data. I also assumed this because I figured I could transfer what I've done in the adventure mode over to my new game plus. However, this does not seem to be the case because when I saved my adventure mode it saved it as a normal file as opposed to clear data. now I cant start up a new game plus. I am disgusted right now. This to me is absolutely ridiculous. They could have handled this clear data BS differently. Thanks to this little mishap of mine, I am now completely deterred from ever playing this game again. Heck, I might never buy Yakuza 4 because of this BS! I am so angry right now! I had to write something to show somebody just how frustrating this was to me. I really liked this game a lot and was so happy to start it up on the harder difficulty in new game plus and see what else was going to be new about my second play through, but no! These Japanese grade A hole devs just had to make some BS, convoluted, obtuse, clear data save system!

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Ok so I still have a save right before I go to fight the last big fight... Well looks like I'm going to have to fight a lot of dudes again... I still want 4.