A lot more than I expected from this game!

User Rating: 8.8 | XGRA: Extreme-G Racing Association GC
I'm actually very new to the Extreme-G series but this game was better than I expected. I found it at a Gamestop for $8 and I didn't really think that this one was going to be that good, because my friend said it wasn't worth it. But when I got home and played it, it was better than Extreme-G 3, in my honest opinion. My favorite fact about this game, outside the gameplay, was the fact that it is based closer to the beginnings of Extreme-G. I loved how they incorporated different model bikes, with different strengths and weaknesses, and had drifting turns in this game. They even took out the boosting system that took away from your shields, which I thought was interesting, and replaced it with boost strips on the courses themselves. Also, instead of buying weapons and engines in a shop, you get extra options and abilities depending on your performance not your scores. They even have more detailed courses with more twists and turns, which makes this a really fun game for multiplayer.

The only thing that made me mad was the repetitive music during gameplay. Since the game's music playlist is on random, some songs would play on every track I raced on! After a while, hearing the same lyrics caused me some temporary insanity and made me turn off the system for a while. Other than this single grievance, this is definitely a game to buy.