This game just seemed like a waste of time because of its boring racing component and hard difficulty.

User Rating: 2 | XGRA: Extreme-G Racing Association PS2
(+) decent graphics .

(-) bad camera that can't keep up with the speed of your bike, you have to retire after blown up, hard difficulty, annoying character voice clips, boring racing component, hard story mode, game has no lasting appeal.

When I tried to play this game I would always lose except for a few of the races. The racing component in this game is boring because when I played this game I had more fun blowing up my bike then racing. The fact that if you or your opponent is blow up that you have retire the race make this game like a drag race racer which makes this game even more of waste of time. This game does have decent graphics but, the camera can't keep up with how fast your bike goes which makes the game a bit more unplayable. The commentator in this game is annoying which makes you want to skip it when you race every time.

This game would not be a good buy because it is no fun to play and seems a bit too hard even the weapons or hard to use at times.