THis game is awesome but i can't believe shion looks so different.Her and momo mainly but i love the story.

User Rating: 10 | Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose PS2
It reunites you with all you battle buddies from before. Even if Shion doesn't have her trademark glasses she still will rock the Xenosaga world lol maybe a little too over dramatic. Well it has beautiful graphics and weird but fun side missions. This episode will show you how truly grumpy shion is. Poor allen why oh why did such a wimp get into a sophisticated woman like shion. Anyways if you're a fan of the first you have to continue the story. Shion changes from her vector uniform into different clothes, she's a changed person lol. The graphics are great. The cinematics are so long in this one. but it shows you some great scenes of how chaos and rubedo met. Also it shows the connection between albedo, rubedo, and gaignun(you know that dude with black hair that that is a U.R.T.V i forget his original name). Play this sequel and unravel the mysteries inside my fellow video gamers.