Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht Cheats For PS2

  1. Exp and point farm

    When you reach the Unicorns in the mall storage room in the Cathedral Ship, only kill one Gnosis and let the unicorn revive it you'll get exp for every one you kill easily netting you 700+ exp and 25+ points each battle

    Contributed by: Lionsaber 

  2. Extra Outfit For KOS-MOS & Momo

    To obtain the extra outfit for both KOS-MOS and Momo, just simply find them.

    These two outfits are only in Xenosaga Episode 1: Reloaded.

    Code Effect
    It's located at the A.G.W.S Hangar in Woglinde. Archetype KOS-MOS
    It's located at the third tower in Song of Nephilim. Kirschwasser Momo

    Contributed by: Kouli 

  3. U.M.N. Passports

    Card Passport- Talk to bartender robot on the Elsa in the dining room.

    Battle Passport- You can get it as soon as you exit the KOS-MOS Simulator in the Woglinde. Talk to the scientist by the red chair and go back in the simulator. Run back to the room with the red box and open it.

    Casino Passport- Find it in the residential area on the Durandal and go to the game room where there is a save point with a U.M.N. thingy.

    Drill Passport- On the Woglinde before the Gnosis Attack, on the east side of the ship near a giant drill (looks like a spread out crane game) with debris around. Talk to the operator and use the drill to get rid of the debris. The operator will then give you the passport.

    Contributed by: HarmonicCity 

  4. ''My Treasure'' Vault Pin Number

    When you go up to vault in the "My Treasure Inn in the Kukai Foundation. The Vault will ask you for a Pin Number. Enter the Following Code.

    Code Effect
    1028 Unlocks the Vault

    Contributed by: GameMasterZer0 

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