3rd best Tekken game! A big Tekken reunion!

This game is the 3rd best Tekken game that I've played!! It features everyone from Tekken,Tekken 2,and Tekken 3! It also features characters who were in Tekken 2 but not in Tekken 3. There are two new characters:Unknown the first female boss in a Tekken game and Tetsuijin who's a palette swap for Mokujin. The gameplay is no different from Tekken 3 except for the tag system. The characters' moves are the same except for a few new ones. The graphics are nice and the stages look neat. As for the modes,there are the traditional ones (Arcade,Time Attack,Survival,Team Battle, VS) and you can also play 1 on 1 if you wish. The characters' endings are pretty good and some of them are funny (of course). Also if you pair certain characters together,they'll do something hilarious or serious. (Ex:If you pair up Kuma and Paul,whomever is second will attack the leader with their special attack) There's also the music which I think needed a little work. It's not very impressive. The mini-game Tekken Bowl is awesome!! It's a lot of fun!! You choose a tag team and bowl in a lane called the Mishima Lane. Also certain characters have certain advantages. (Ex:If you use Bryan or any of the Jack robots,they'll have super strength and due to their robotic senses,they have more accuracy). Overall,Tekken Tag Tournament is an awesome game! It needs a sequel big time!!



if you ever have been to see wrestling or boxing matches live there is no music but I agree - if there is music it should be better.

if the action is great the music should also be dramatic.