The king of all Square RPGs

User Rating: 10 | Xenogears: Elyhaym Van Houten Edition (Square Millennium Collection) PS
I love this game!!!!!! I have never played anything like this game, and that is in a good way, it is a shame that not many people will get to play this though.....

Okay, I will start off with the story, which is the best I have ever played in a game. If you don't like the combat, the story will keep you going, when I was playing, I was dying to know what would happen next, though Disc 2, could of been way better, The 1st disc was an action packed joyride, the 2nd disc (no joke) had people sitting in chairs explaining what you did on the first disc, explain-boss fight- explain-boss fight, that is basically the pattern for the disc, though, towards the end, you get to adventure. The Story is Sci-Fi, but not extremely Sci-Fi, anyways, this is the best part of this game.

Next is the combat system, it is turn-based, but with a twist. In combat, you have something called AP, you gain more as you level. Each AP point is used to attack, or use deathblows. Deathblows you learn as you level up, but you just don't learn them, you have a little green gauge(on the status screen) that fills up if you use specific button combinations, ironically, you can't learn deathblows using only deathblows.To enter deathblow commands, you use the triangle, square and X buttons. If you want to attack, you press these buttons, say you want to do a weak attack, press the triangle button, end turn. It's kind of hard to explain, it would be better if you played for yourself. You also fight in gears, you fight on foot and in gears, gears handle almost identical, just that every time you attack, you use something called fuel(like AP) and when you charge you save fuel. You can also do deathblows in gears, just with different rules, okay, attack, now attack next turn and you will have an option of whether or not you want to use deathblows, as I said before, it would better if you played for yourself. Now lets talk about boss battles, some are easy, some are so hard you want to break your controller in half and destroy the bits of it. The game is genuinely hard, but not so tough that you can't get past the first boss.

Audio, stunning!!!! I love audio in RPGs and this one is no exception. It has a song to match every situation, and good boss music and normal battle music, if you can find the soundtrack, buy it.

Now the Graphics. The characters are polygonal, while the backgrounds are very, very detailed. I really don't mind that the Character graphics aren't the best, for every thing else more than makes up for it. The Gears are also very detailed also. This game beats out FFVII's graphics in every way.

Gameplay is also good too. You explore around in gears or characters, the only thing is, kind of humorous, say you are walking around the world map, and you get into a random encounter, you are fighting huge gears and you are just so tiny compared to them, I thought that was always good for a laugh. Oh, and don't forget the dungeons!!! Some are fun some are meh. But there sure are a lot of them, and I enjoyed a lot of them. I like the characters too, Fei(the protagonist) is a young boy whose father is unknown and he lives in a village that took him in one day, events unfold and he eventually sets out on a quest to stop *Spoilers* Grahf, but you eventually find out who you are really trying to stop *End Spoilers*

All in all, This game is one of the best games on the Playstation, if you have a Playstation or PS2, you can't call yourself an RPG fanatic without this one.