Influencing Melia's AI

#1 Posted by FangsoftheViper (208 posts) -
Melia's Aqua Summon is useful for its regen buff, but she almost immediately sacrifices it, thus negating the buff. She tend to summon bolt, flare, aqua, and then kill off the aqua for only a mediocre amount of damage and healing. I would love it if I could influence her AI (and hopefully avoid taking direct control all the time) so that she doesn't constantly sacrifice the aqua elemental and instead kills another elemental. Any other one is fine, really. Is there anything I can do to reduce the frequency with which she sacrifices the aqua elemental?
#2 Posted by whatwhat93 (13 posts) -
The only thing I can think of is change the moves she has to actually use so that she is more limited in her use of the attacks (of course...then you won;t have those attacks...). That's all I can think of though :/
#3 Posted by FangsoftheViper (208 posts) -
The thing is, her "shoot elemental" ability is her innate ability, and I can't get rid of it. Not that I would want to, either, because that's where most of her damage comes from. At the very least, all I want to do is reduce the frequency at which she kills off the aqua elemental, since I don't think I can get rid of it altogether.