Favorite Xenoblade Chronicles Soundtrack

#1 Posted by whatwhat93 (7 posts) -
What are your guys' favorite soundtrack? Mine is definitely Satorl Marsh at night. It's just so beautiful and fits the mood perfectly.
#2 Posted by 0diN_7 (1036 posts) -

Mine is at the mechonis field. I don't know why but I love it. Satorl Marsh is really good too though.

#3 Posted by Autosaver1 (488 posts) -

The Final Boss music is pretty good.
Tragic Decision too

#4 Posted by DarkGothic (132 posts) -

For now I'm loving Gaur Plain - Night, wonderful sound, atmosphere and rhythm. :lol:

#5 Posted by coolfire1357 (173 posts) -
I'm loving Valak Mountain, since I just got there and haven't heard it ad nauseum. But even when I have heard it a lot, i'll still like it.
#6 Posted by TheLoneMortal (820 posts) -

Engage the Enemy would be my personal favorite of the soundtrack, though I find a majority of the game's music to be fantastic.

#7 Posted by Rax625 (728 posts) -

Eryth Sea Day and Night, I also love a lot of the music played during cutscenes

#8 Posted by madsnakehhh (14491 posts) -

Probably the final boss one, i mean its cliche and all, but i loved it.

#9 Posted by GabranthXIII (993 posts) -

Engage the Enemy is my favorite.

#10 Posted by Crimson_eyed (6 posts) -

1. One who gets in our way. Epic and really goes well with most the game's scenes. This should be the game's main theme.

2. Gaur plain: One of the best field soundtrack i had ever listen to.

3. You will know our names. The best battle theme ever created. it is so energetic and dramatic, makes you realize things are getting serious and at the same time encourages you to battle.

4. Engage the enemy. Just awesome.

There are other ones that are good too like the one in satorl marsh and valak mountain, but these 4 are the bests. The soundtrack in this game is just incomparable.