XCOM enemy unknown is great fun.

User Rating: 8.5 | XCOM: Enemy Unknown PS3
Before I start I just want to say this is the first XCOM I have ever played, actually, I have never played a turn based shooter until now.

XCOM is about an alien invasion on earth, you are the commander of the
"XCOM project" your name is, "Commander"! Xcom's job is to stop alien threats to humanity, you will battle aliens, disarm bombs, rescue civilians and
dissect dead aliens, yummy. The story is kinda average here (its about an alien invasion for gods sake!), but the voice acting is pretty good, although the soldiers have American accents regardless of there nationality (I had a soldier from North Korea and he sounded like a cowboy!) . The Graphics are also pretty good, very detailed, and the sound effects are smashing (get it?).

This game is quite easy to play, the controls are easy to learn, but there are alot of little things you need to find out for yourself (I found out that cars explode when there on fire the hard way, ouch...) When your not battling the alien horde you are in your underground base, you get to pick where your base is from five select locations around the world, I must say it would have been nice if you could select anywhere you want but there you go. While in the base you will scan for alien activity around the world, research alien items, craft guns grenades and gadgets with which to destroy aliens, and expand your base by digging deeper into the earth. When alien activity is detected on your scan, you scramble your troops, you can take four soldiers on a mission at once (later you can take six), if you keep your troops alive you will watch them learn, level up and progress from a bunch of scared newbies to a group of dangerous veterans well trained in the art of blowing aliens to pieces. When a soldier dies you are flooded with ANGER!!! You actually care for your soldiers ,
and to see you don't forget them and respect them there is a memorial with all the names of the dead soldiers you have lost.
Of course you can always save regularly so when a soldier dies you can start again, but that means its not as tense, well XCOM has "Iron man mode" which does'nt mean Robert Downey Jr is going to help you dispatch the aliens, it means that if you make a decision you have made it and there is no going back.

The graphics are mostly good but the frame rate is very choppy and there are alot of glitches, like guns clipping through walls and soldiers firing in the wrong direction and still hitting the target. But other than that the graphics are nice and decent (lighting effects especially). The sound is also very real sounding. I kind of thought the ending to the game was a bit disapointing, and very sudden.

But XCOM is still a great game, and I didn't play the original! I heard the hardcore fans didn't like the normal difficulty because it was to easy, well there is a "classic difficulty" and an "Impossible difficulty". There is also a easy difficulty for people who are new to this style of game (like me). XCOM is a great game and I think it is a must buy, especially for people who are fans of the original.