Just like the legacy game, but on steroids! A lot of fun for those that like turn based games with cool cut scenes!

User Rating: 9 | XCOM: Enemy Unknown PS3
I played all the originals, and this is really true to form, but with much better graphics, story line, cut scenes, etc. It is fun. Could use some better zoom in zoom out on the maps. Seems like so far you can only have one base though. Strategy for winning is fleeting at the moment (haven't looked up any "strategy" guides yet). Cool maps, always changing, and they can be challenging. Just grabs you and won't let go... mission after mission until you can't stay awake. Plan on a couple of reloads when you lose your best and brightest to a alien plasma rifle...... Worth the investment at anything under $40, probably worth the $60 you may pay too. I got it for $25 on sale through GameFly/Steam. Haven't tried the multiplayer yet, but am going to soon. I like the way the liberal goody two shoe scientists finally start to face reality of, yes there are those that want to kill you, no matter how "understanding" you are. A potent message in these times!