A great, addictive game for turn-based-fans and those who like pondering their in-game choices.

User Rating: 9 | XCOM: Enemy Unknown PS3
No, they did not mess this one up.
Although the economy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown follows a fairly simple structure of monetary, material and human resources, the choices to be made around these assets will keep you thinking and re-thinking your approach to the newest installment of this cult-franchise.
Should you research the latest energy weapon, or invest the time and effort into armor? Should you finally upgrade your aerial defense force, or spend the money to close a lucrative deal with one of the Council's members?

These choices aren't easy ones, and one too many missteps might force you to reload, if not restart the whole campaign, as the Alien Invasion proceeds mercilessly and regardless of your comfort and experience with the game. The rather high difficulty however, is not unfair, and you often get the feeling that for your latest dead soldier or resource bottleneck, nobody else is to blame but you. As frustrating as this may sound, it actually encourages you to take a very careful and tactical approach to the other aspect of the game: the missions. XCOM: Enemy Unknown's major flaws are to be found here, and have already been noted. Enemies rarely exhibit a flexible and aggressive strategy and prefer to wait for you to walk into their line of fire. The aliens you are to fight are far from impressively modeled and lack variety in their species. Some physical and graphical missteps like occasional shooting through walls and unclear relations between higher and lower ground still don't really tarnish the fun of seeing your strategic choices of research and equipment translate into tactical consequences. Your troops grow on you and the loss of an experienced veteran might be the wake-up call you needed to re-think your whole management of Earth's last defense.

The story is nothing to blow your mind, but still manages to convey a feeling of great threat, with believable characters (decently voiced) and nice details, such as short cut-scenes that introduce your newest scientific breakthrough or engineering effort.

ALL IN ALL XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a great investment, in that it gives back a lot, if you're willing to put quite some thought and effort into your play. As an ex-PC-now-console gamer, I love the time you can take to make your choices and the total absence, for once, of any necessity of quick reaction and speedy button mashing.
Those looking for a quick fix might not find this the right game, but for fans of a strategic and tactical approach, this is a warm recommendation.