Let The Invasion Begin.....

User Rating: 9 | XCOM: Enemy Unknown PC
Was really looking forward to Xcom:EU for a very long time it has been years since we last seen an Xcom or UFO game, as well as the upcoming FPS in December. And to be frank it has not failed to deliver.

As per XCOM or UFO game, the premise revolves around an invading Alien force whose motives are not clear, and of course you have to commandeer a strike force to hit back.

The earlier missions are good enough to get you ready for what is to come.... and boy does it come at top speed.

When you complete missions you will gather items and materials, and later aliens themselves, to research on and get stronger weapons and armour and of course some base buildings. These help a lot, but there is a twist when you get these items quickly and research them quickly, the floodgates open and new and improved aliens/experiments appear.

So it may be wise to not research anything and do some easy missions while collecting items, and ranks for your soldiers.

Yep your soldiers can gain ranks and for each rank comes a bonus skill to choose from (2 of the tiers are single choice), not only do you get those skills you get increased statistics also. But it also opens the door to the training section in the barracks where you can gain some nice little boosts from the highest rank available, such as more people to take with you.

But wait didn't you say it opens the floodgates.. yes I did. And it does so in impressive fashion. Little aliens and evil looking Agent Smiths may be fun to shoot, but wait till you hit the behemoths, the robots and the Overminds, things get pretty much hard at this point.

I will give a tip never clump your squad together when pressing forward, future aliens/robots/experiments have a knack of throwing grenades at you.

You do get a sense of great satisfaction when you shoot down a battleship UFO, or when your little soldiers get promoted to Colonel. But you also feel bad for your loved squaddies, nothing worse than losing a Colonel to a simple mistake you made.

Another thing that keeps you on your toes throughout the game is the panic levels in countries, ignore them and they will hate you and not fund you anymore, which will annoy the secretive council that you are not the commander they wanted and it can be game over that way also.

The game also works brilliantly with 3D Vision kits... some little problems here and there, but hardly noticeable... easily fixed.

Now the negatives...

Unfortunately the game has 2 big negatives at the point of the current patch (16/10/2012).

1. Trying to pick where you are going inside a building or UFO can get annoying, as you constantly have to switch between floors when the camera focuses on another character or tries to change when you pick a spot to move to, at times you end up moving outside the first movement area.

It is also annoying that when trying to throw a grenade inside somewhere if any backdrops are in view the game goes a bit erratic and you can easily place the grenade.

2. The ending.... is ..... pants. Sorry Firaxis but we really need a better ending, it was far too short and no great story about anything else... pretty much... OMG...GO!....UP....BOOM.... ok thanks game ended.

I gave the game 9/10, 2 points off for the 2 annoying mistakes, but gains 1 point for the fact the game is modable which means longevity in Single Player and Multiplayer.

Well worth grabbing.