A classic game reborn.

User Rating: 9 | XCOM: Enemy Unknown PS3
Some might think that carrying the same name as it's old PS1,PC releases which were strategy games and it was a revelation and this game does no harm to old franchise original.


The game starts when aliens invade the world and you are called along the council to story the alien threat along the galaxy and find out information about the species.


Your main target is to find the reason these creatures invaded and you have to eliminate the aliens in certain conteints to keep them on your side if not they will pull out of the race and believe me there are some tough decisions in this game as well. You sometimes get choice missions and this can test your metal you have to choose which country to help and they offer rewards like Engineers, Scientists and new crew members.rnrnAs you progress you will gain access to Alien firepower such as Lasers,Plasmas and all sorts of different items as well as Armour,Ship Upgrades and much more. To use the weapons though you must research it to get information before building it. Also you need to know build Factilites to get better equipment and more soldiers for your missions. Like Mass Effect you get loadouts as well.

In combat you fire shots at the enemy and sometimes with some of the shots it's about percentages if it's about 60 or 70 your most likely to hit but if it's lower than 40 it's unlikely. While the Aliens start out easy they get tougher like Chrysalis are just as nasty as they were in the original,Mutons are tough as well and Ethereals as well but they get a bit more support during their missions. Also unless you have the right equipment later in the game you will get taken apart. Also another flaw is the tutorial isn't that good and it's a pain to do it if you keep starting again and again. There's also a multiplayer mode between Aliens and Humans.


Really captures the imagination of the aliens well the animations on Aliens getting killed or soldiers getting killed too and also the Chrysalis impaling their target. The character animations are pretty good as well but the Edit feature to your soldier is limited.


About a good 30 to 40 hours maybe more depends how much information you get on your aliens but there's also multiplayer as well.

Overall Opinion
A classic reborn on the next gen systems and 17 years later. XCOM was a classic back then and it's just as good now. It certainly worth checking out.

Overall Score 9.2