Shiv bug??

#1 Posted by F1tsy (25 posts) -

Im about to go on a mission after taking the alien base. In the mission my primary hoover Shiv got beaten up and is under repair so on the upcoming abduction mission i wanted to use the second alloy\older Shiv but i just get a "cannot add" sound when trying to put it in the squad like it would be wounded/damaged or something. Furthermore on the unit\equip screen it´s invisible, like it´s not there. Anyone else got this? A bug or what.

#2 Posted by JeffreyCor (149 posts) -

yes it is, SHIVs are bugged bigtime. Can see just how much company you are in with that problem on the official forums.

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The 10/11/12 patch fixed the issue where damaged SHIVs become unusable.